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All about Settings, Dashboard, Sales, Operations, Warehousing, Invoices and Report.

Zapala Go's story is pretty cool. Did you know that we got started as a solution for managing warehouses? Fast forward three years and here we are, as a software offering a complete solution for sales, storage, operations, freight and much more.

In this article we will talk about the main features of our system that can be seen on the left hand side drop down menu:

  • Dashboard
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Warehousing
  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • Settings


Your Dashboard provides an overview of your performance and is the homepage of our system.

It is an important tool for managers and business owners and it is designed to deliver a simple but useful overview of your operations and sales performance.

Warehouse Dashboard

Your Warehouse Dashboard gives you full visibility on how you are utilising your warehouse capacity. View all your Storage Boxes by percentage of empty versus loaded or per cubic metres.

Sales Dashboard

Your sales dashboard will gather info on leads won vs. leads lost, a comparison of types of tasks performed and even a map with the hotspots for you - where your leads or customers are concentrated. Maybe you can use this info to help you setting up a marketing & sales campaign ;)

Operations Dashboard

The Operations Dashboard will show you graphs with the amount of jobs and job types performed and a scheduler with all jobs still pending approval.


Our Sales screen enables you to manage and control your leads, quotes and customers. 

To find out how it works,  click here.


Your Operations area provides a comprehensive overview of your Jobs. You can manage all your operational process through this area.

Check out what Operations category can do for you and your business clicking here.


As the name says, the Warehousing module is the one you will use to manage your storage boxes, add location to them and move them around. Click here for more info about it.


On the Accounting module you can create, check, pay and organise invoices and prepayments.

Check out how to Create, Check, Pay and Apply a prepayment to your invoices clicking here.


On the Reports section you can generate reports on your Operations, Warehouse, Checklists and  create Label for your warehouse maps and modules. It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of jobs performed.

Check how to generate a Job Report, Warehouse Reports and Label Reports here.


When you've activated your Zapala Go account, we've asked you to do a basic set-up of your Company, Branches, Warehouses and Users, but it doesn’t stop there!

A full set-up of Zapala Go includes uploading into the system your Storage Boxes, Staff, Fleet, Services and even Email Templates so you can e-mail your customers straight from our system.

Check out how to do set it up clicking here.
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