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How to setup your trial account

Just requested a free trial? This is the place to be!

If you have just requested for a free trial or signed up to use the system straight away, you must have received a couple of emails from us. 

The first one is to let you know that we have received your request for a free trial:

The second one is to let you know that your request has been approved so you can follow the prompts to start using the system:

When you click on the link you will be taken to a browser screen where you will be prompted to create your password. Once the password is confirmed you are in!

The first time you login we will help you setting up basic info in the system while understanding better what you most expect help with.

This process, technically called of onboarding process is divided into parts and should take from 5 to 10 minutes approximately.

The parts are:

  1. Home
  2. Company Details
  3. Challenges
  4. Settings
  5. Summary

First Part - Home

This is pretty much a welcome message letting you know about the next steps. You will know how far you are from completing the onboarding according to timeline displayed on the top of the page.

Hit the 'next' button to move forward.

Second Part - Company details

In this part we will ask you to review info you've provided us when you've requested the trial and also to confirm your company's address and the mailing address as well:

Once it's all good to go,  just click on 'next'.

Third Part - Challenges

Let us know what are the main challenges you face on your daily routine.

It is important for us to know so we can help you using the system in a way that will help you solving them

Also, let us know about other solutions you have in place so we can help you organising everything in one place and shifting away from several solutions to centralise everything one place.

The last question from the third part is focused on letting us know exactly what types of job you perform and how many people will use the system:

Hit 'next' to start the fourth part.

Fourth Part - Settings

Depending on the industry your company is in, we will ask you to set-up info on warehouse and branch for this part. This is the main reason why this part is organised in tabs. T

he number of tabs will vary based on the answers you've provided us on the Third Part: if you do storage, then tabs related to warehouse and storage boxes will appear. If you don't, then we will just show you tabs related to the types of tasks you perform and branches.

Besides that, we will display a tab for users, in case you want to add them now, and contacts. Please keep in mind that after onboarding is complete you will be able to go back and edit any info through Settings.

The system will automatically use the address you've provided in the Second Part - Settings to create a Warehouse for you if you've previously selected that your company does Storage. 

All you have to do is double check info and edit code or name given to the warehouse if you wish to do so:

Click ADD to create a new warehouse. Fill our basic info such address. If you have more than one we highly recommend creating a code and adding a description. You can have as many warehouses as needed.

The next tab is for 'Branches'.  Just like the system did with warehouses, we'll create a default branch for you using the address previously provided. Click on the 'edit' button to change name, description and code. If you have more than one, click on the add button and fill out all required fields. You can add as many branches as you wish.

Next tab is for job types. Zapala Go has 09 registered and you can unmark those that don't apply to your reality:

For the Storage companies, tabs for storage box type and one to add your storage boxes will be available for editing. You can add info now or later through your settings.

Final tabs are for users and contact. You will notice that a user has already been created for the person that signed up. 

Use this screen to add as many users as your plan allows for or as many users you consider necessary.

You can assign users to specific branches and also choose an access level to each one of them in the tab called Roles. Same for 'contact'.

Fifth Part - Summary

The last step is easy! Just review the information you entered so far. If something doesn’t look right you can just click BACK. If everything looks as it should, click NEXT.

Please keep in mind that you will always be able to easily edit info you've typed.

Once you hit 'NEXT' you will receive a thank you message and a button go to the system. You are now ready to use Zapala Go!

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