Through the Maps screen you can manage all the maps you've created in the settings for your warehouse and print barcode labels to add to the locations. 

The barcodes are extremely helpful if your warehouse staff uses our app for mobile, as our app allows them to scan the barcode using the device's camera and then facilitate how they add locations to storage boxes.

As soon as you head to Warehouse > Map , a screen will load with all the maps created to a certain section of your warehouse. You can select the section in the dropdown menu on top. 

Close to each map, you will have two icons: view and barcode.

When you click on the 'view', you will see a 2D version of the map showing locations and status (empty, loaded, mixed and inactive). Clicking on a certain location you can see which storage boxes are there and the jobs in each storage box:

Clicking on the 'barcode' icon, you will be taken to a new screen where you can select amount of barcodes per page and quantity of barcodes for each location. Click on 'print label' when you're done. The system will open all barcodes in a new window and all you have to do is press 'print'. 

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