The Storage Accounts screen gathers a list with all storage accounts for your company. The list displayed shows active storage accounts, the settled ones and the ones that are still a draft (storage accounts created through 'Jobs' screen will show up here as a draft).

Close to the storage accounts, a few icons will show up: view, settlement, active/inactive and send email.

As the name says, when you click on the 'view' icon you will see all details on that account: customers, price, storage box, comments and much more.

If you use the 'settlement' icon, it means that the job is ready to be delivered and will leave your warehouse. Once a storage account is settled, the job will be unloaded from the storage box. 

You can use the 'activate/inactive' icon if you want to pause a storage account. The job will stay loaded into a storage box but the system won't bill the customer for the period that the account is paused.

Creating your Storage Account

As mentioned above, Zapala Go considers a storage account as a Job. For that reason, you must head to Operations → Job in order to create it:

Once the screen load, please click on the “Add” button to create a new Job:

Once you hit the “Add” button, a new window will open asking you to select to create a booking or a quote. In Job Type, please select “Storage”.

After that, please add info regarding the customer.

If it is a new customer, you will have the option to add a new customer to the system straight from the screen by clicking on the blue plus icon (please keep in mind that when adding a new customer into Zapala Go the first name, last name, email and mobile number are compulsory field). Otherwise, as soon as you start typing the system will bring you all the possible matches and you will be able to select one.

Once customer is selected, click on the “Save” button. You will see that a new window asking you if you would like to create a storage account will pop up. If that’s the case, please select “yes”.

And it’s done! A storage account has been created! Zapala Go will take you back to the main screen with all the jobs. 

Now, you have to add the storage box where that customer’s goods are stored. In order to do that, please click on the “edit” icon of that job.

You will be taken into the full screen for that job, please head to the tab for “Storage Box”:

Once you click on the “Add” button, a new window will open where you will be able to search for the storage box.  Just start typing the number/code, select it and click on the Add button.

If the storage box you are looking for is not showing up, make sure it was created in the system and that it is Active. To do that, please double check your Storage Boxes Settings.

The system will always let you know if that storage box is empty or loaded. If it already is loaded, the system will tell you which job and customer is also using that storage box.

Once the storage box was added to the job, click on the “Save” button.

Now, there is only one final detail missing: the charges for that storage box.

Now that all the Operational part of it was solved we need to head back to the Sales part of it, where you will manage all your Storage Accounts.

If you head to Warehouse > Storage Accounts, you will see the main screen with all your Storage Accounts and their current status. Please notice that when you first create a storage account, it will show up with a “Draft” status and it will remain like this until you approve it (while in this status, invoices with the billing will not be created).

To add the value to the account, please clink on the “edit” icon of the account. The storage account details screen will show up and you will be able to double check once again all storage boxes for that job and to select how you want to charge your customer: weekly or monthly.

You will also be able to chose if you want to charge per storage box or per volume.

Once all values are set, you need to define a date for the Grace Period End, or the date when the system will start charging for the storage. Once it’s done and if everything is OK with the storage, click on the “Approve Storage” button and you’re good to go!

When the grace period ends, Zapala Go will automatically generate the invoice and you will have the option to forward it via email to your customer. 

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