If you have a warehouse, chances are you will have storage boxes. The first step is to set-up your ‘Storage Box Type’.

First go to Settings > Configurations  >  Storage Box Type.

In this screen, you will be able to create the type of storage boxes you use in your warehouse. By clicking on the ‘Add’ button, you can easily add a description of your storage box and its capacity:

Click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm.

Adding Storage Boxes

After you've told the system what type of storage boxes you work with, you need to let the system know how many storage boxes you are talking about, their name/code and where they are located.

To add a new storage box, head to Settings > Resources > Storage Box.  Click on the 'add' button to add storage boxes on by one:

Fill out all fields (please note that the fields with a yellow mark are mandatory). Without this info (name and type) you won't be able to add the storage box. You can also select more than one warehouse for that storage box.

If you don't want to add storage boxes one by one, you can use the 'Import' button and bulk upload info from an excel file. Click on the button, download the 'template' file, add your information and upload the file into the system.

Please note that in order for the .csv file to work, you shouldn't change its name or format and the mandatory fields are the same as if you were adding it manually. 

When the upload is done, you will notice that the new Storage Boxes will be created with an 'Inactive' status. In order to load them, please make sure they are 'Active'.

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