Once you have created maps for all your warehouses, you can start adding the exact location for all your Storage Boxes.

To get started, head to 'Warehousing' > 'Storage Box' and make sure you are in the correct warehouse if your company has more than one. To double check that take a look at the Warehouse selected on the top of the page:

The system will load a full list with all your Storage Boxes. These are the ones you have added into the system. If you haven't done it yet, read this article to get it done.

At first, all of them will have a status of 'Move' in the column called 'Location'. As soon as you locate them, the system will show their current location.

To add a location, look for the storage box you want to add a location to and click on the 'move' link that is showing up on the 'location' column. The image below will show up:

Adding a location is pretty straight forward: after the window above loads, just make sure you have selected the right section of the map and type the location according to your map. The system will confirm with a green check symbol if the location you've typed is correct:

If your location has more than one level and you want to specify in which level that storage box will be located, add the location + '/' + level number just like the example above (location A2/2 meaning column and row A2 on second level).

Once you're done, hit the 'Move' button.

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